Feeling on top of the world... Between 2nd Feb 2014 & 27th April 2014, I've slimmed down from a massive UK size 24/22, to a new slimline UK size 14/14, and MORE importantly I've kept the weight off. My son Mikey came to visit, looked at me, smiled & said "Mum you look good, cant remember ever seeing you this slim before? " My reply.... Mike I've not been THIS slim since before you were BORN..... (1979) OMG !!!!! All thanks to Sasha's Secret Diet.... Big hugs & Thanks Sasha. My sons post on Facebook: Marie Darlington Before & After!! So proud of her from 2nd Feb to 27th April. Just over 2.5 months! Achievement or what ? XX



did 40 days and to be honest I was sceptical. In my first week 1 lost 9lb it was so amazing and I felt great all the way through. Your support was second to none and it was so easy I couldn't believe my eyes. Everyone noticed my weight loss , even in the first week and the constant daily losses worked as my motivation. Mr own Doctor was so surprised how fast the weight has shifted as I have been on every diet plan going and could never stick it out.It was very important for me to lose weight as I was almost certainly heading towards daily injections of insulin to control my Diabetes.  Well guess what ? My meds have now been stopped altogether as my sugar levels no longer fluctuate and are in normal range. I have lost 44 lbs and intend to do another round to lose another 20 lbs soon. Thank you so much.